A Beach less Traveled

I told you before about my passion to collect books from all over the world, during my trips. I'm a book lover anyway and this gives me the chance to get a better feeling of the destination I'm visiting.

So while visiting St Maarten, I discovered one morning this book, guess what, with the authors signature:) and a special message: " enjoy the dream". I knew right on the spot that's a book for me.

And boy, was I right:)

In short the book is about dreams and perfumes! The first charter opens with this motto: " not only do perfumes smell nice, they can change moods, help us remember things, or help us dream and create"....

the story is about an American couple who decides to abandon their successfull corporate life and their handsome salaries and open a perfumery and create their own line of fragrances in the French caribbean.

Will they make it happen? Is it just a dream? Is their passion enough? Is the beach less traveled the answer for those who wonder???

Hmm, havent finished yet. But I bet I know the answer. Yes, it is 🙂

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