Monthly Archives: January 2016

Travel destination: Capri

Time for a week-end escape? What about Bella Italia! Find the calm and relaxation of the beautiful and luxurious Capri. What to pack? Our choices : cosy espadrilles from Stella McCartney,Wildfox sunglasses, a few chic t-shirts ( check out Dsquared or the themed Dolce&Gabbana for spring 2016) and don't forget a glam new swimsuit:) GO! the fabulous...
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Discover Bali

Visiting Bali? Have you noticed the black and white sarongs draped over Hindu statues? Turns out the black and white checked sarongs symbolise the good (white) and the bad (black) spirits that are believed to be working as one in every individual....
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Travel style: Maxi dresses for 2016

I can't think of something more cosy and stylish for an exotic escape than a long maxi dress. Perfect for romantic beach getaways, make sure you pack a few maxi dresses next time you go on a trip. Pair the maxi dress with statement gladiators or wedges.  Go for prints, florals or solid silks! And glow:) [caption...
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Travel style: How to wear the Pantone colors of 2016: Rose Quartz

Pantone announced Rose Quartz as one of it's colours of the year. I find it so inspiring for spring trends and vacation style. The secret of mastering a blush rose quartz inspired look? I believe it's all about fabrics and textures. Go for a silk fabric that looks really sophisticated like this "Dayna" dress by Diane...
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10 designer backpacks for your trips

Ready for some new trips in 2016? I am sure you need some new and stylish suitcases, backpacks and handbags:) How else can you start exploring new cities? Since the modern fashionista is also a globetrotter, designers have included in their 2016 collection lovely models of backpacks to match your expectation and looks! Get inspired by these...
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Travel in style : Luxury luggage from Chanel and Stella McCartney

Have you seen the Chanel runway show for spring 2016? Karl Lagerfeld transformed the Grand Palais into a huge airport terminal and took luxury travel-style to a new level.

The models carried Chanel branded luggage, backpacks with airplanes pins, oversized sunglasses and tiny chain bags  shaped like miniatures suitcases.  "It's the idea of how...

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