Monthly Archives: March 2015

Gypsetter: Life as a journey

A fost odata un jetsetter- un hedonist cosmopolit, sofisticat, caruia ii place sa calatoreasca in locuri exotice. Intre timp, a aparut - gypsetter-ul - o imbinare intre spiritul liber al unui "gypsy" si stilul sofisticat al unui "jersetter", un suflet nobil neincatusat, ce pretuieste viata si traieste ficare zi ca o minune, descoperind lumea, calatorind.…
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St Maarten: Infinit blue

St Maarten is the undisputed champion of idleness. The charms of the island are spread over more than 36 beaches, probably more. It takes time to find even the most famous beaches, but with little effort everyone should be able to satisfy their quest for golden sand and turquoise water. Of course, to find the…
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