Yosemite Westgate Lodge

M-am indragostit de Buck Meadows:) Yosemite Westgate Lodge este amplasat intr-o locatie absolut fabuloasa, iar riscul de a te intalni cu un urs, in drum spre restaurant e foarte mare.

Locatia e relativ simpla, cu camere mari spatioase, amenajate clasic, dar foarte confortabile. Parcarea e chiar in fata lodge-ului. Exista chiar si o mini piscina si un hot tub. Trebuie sa recunosc mi s-a parut super sa vad turisti seara la 9,30, pe intuneric in piscina incalzita. Probabil uitasera de ursi:)

In apropiere e un restaurant, iar distanta de la camera pana acolo pe intuneric e si mai palpitanta dupa lasarea intunericului. Dar, am avut noroc: nici un urs.

Restaurantul m-a impresionat cel mai mult: am avut impresia ca sunt in filmul Thelma and Louise. Atmosfera, mobilierul, muzica tipic Americana, meniul si mai ales tinutele ospataritelor si accentul. Imi place la nebunie sa cunosc oameni din colturi diferite ale lumii si mai ales sa le cunosc accentul. As fi comandat la nesfasit “sunny faced up eggs”, doar de dragul limbajului:)

yosemite westgate lodge



I felt in love with  Buck Meadows 🙂 since I have discovered Yosemite Westgate Lodge. The lovely hotel is located in an absolutely fabulous valley and the risk of a bear encounter on the way to the restaurant is quite huge . The location is relatively simple , with large rooms spacious, classically furnished but very comfortable . Parking is right in front of lodge site . There is even a mini pool and a hot tub . I must admit I was surprised to see tourists in evening at 9.30 , in the dark in the heated pool . Probably  they had forgotten about the bear 🙂 Nearby is a restaurant, and the distance from the room to the restaurant in the dark is an exciting adventure. But we were lucky : no bears. The restaurant impressed me  the most: I felt like  in Thelma and Louise movie . The atmosphere , the furniture , the typical American music , especially the menu and waitresses outfits were such a great attraction . I love meeting people from different corners of the world and especially to know their accents. 

I would have ordered over an over again " sunny faced up eggs " for the sake of language 🙂

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