Travel style: Is your passport ready?

I  love to travel in style and think in advance of all tiny details that make a vacation special. What type of bag to carry, how large, what colour, what clothes, casual looks, shorts or dresses,  how many beauty products, shoes, sandals, sneakers, hats, sunglasses, books,  magazines, and so on. In the end it's all about each person's travel habits ( to quote Jack Nicholson:)

But when it comes to travel in style, every single detail matter, and in time you will be surprised to see that you've developed certain habits that make your travel style personal and unique. For instance I always carry cross body bags when I travel and it became part of my travel routine and travel style. Rarely did I used a big maxi sized bag, but that's already a new subject.

Still no 1 on everyone's travel list is clearly:  the passport ( the-take-me-anywhere-tiny-book). So how do you get your passport ready for a chic escape? If you are a travel addict I bet you have by now a fashionable, very personal passport holder.

if not, get inspired:) and start building a fashionable wardrobe for your passport!

Get a fashionable passport holder

My fav : Diane Von Furstenberg card and passport holder, Asos passport holder and  Accesorize passport holder.

Also 🙂



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